Access Control Systems – 3 Ways To Improve Your Business Security

Access Control Systems – 3 Ways To Improve Your Business Security

In any industry, security is a growing concern for businesses. Keeping your employees, equipment and information safe is always a top priority. An often-overlooked way of keeping your business safe is by using an access control system.

Conventionally, most business have used key and lock access systems. Although this system may be fine for smaller businesses; it is often not the safest practice for larger businesses with multiple employees.

So, how will an access control system benefit your business?


Who Enters and Exits Your Building? What Time and Date? Find Out

With an access control system installed on your premises, you will know the exact time of day that employees and visitors enter and exit your site. This can assist managers with staff issues such as disputes, crime-spotting or data breaches.

Access control will also allow employees to use badges with embedded wireless technology or security codes to gain access within the building.


Overcome Security Negligence

Every now and again, someone may forget to lock all of the doors on your site – and put your employees, property and assets at risk. Relying on people’s memory to keep your business safe when locking doors at night or on the weekends can really hinder your security efforts. An access control system overcomes this issue by allowing you to control the locks remotely or automatically.


Restricted Entry to Different Parts of the Building

If your site has rooms with confidential information, you may not want all of your employees to have access to them. Therefore, access control can help you to make certain areas off-limits and you can control who passes through these areas.

Access control is an available technology to help you build layers of security around your business – you dictate who goes where.

For example, installing perimeter gates helps stop trespassers from stepping onto your land. Installing access control will allow you to further secure your building access and room access within the building.

To determine what will work best for your specific business, building and environment, we recommend that you request a site assessment. Harpenden Alarms will be able to design you a customised access control system which will improve your security and help solve some of the issues that you face as a business.

Harpenden Alarms help residential and commercial clients implement, support and maintain effective security and fire strategies includes fully-working home or commercial burglar systems, effective residential or company CCTV surveillance and comprehensive fire safety.


For more information on access control systems and how they could help improve your business’ security, contact Harpenden Alarms today.