Burglar Alarm Systems

Stay protected with our burglar alarms systems

What are burglar alarms?

Burglar alarms or intruder alarms protect a property against burglars or intruders by sounding a loud alert when an unauthorised attempt to enter a building is detected. They are suitable for both domestic and commercial properties.

Powerful visual deterrent

In many cases, a well-displayed alarm box on the wall is more than enough to deter burglars. A recent survey found that 94% of burglars would actively avoid a home that looked like it had a burglar alarm or CCTV system in place.

Reduced insurance cost

Many insurance companies offer discounts for properties that have burglar alarms or other security systems installed.

Act fast and early

A quick response is very important for break-ins to reduce damage and prevent the loss of possessions. Security alarms provide an immediate warning to owners and people nearby of attempted burglaries as soon as they occur.

What are the main types of burglar alarms?

Burglar alarms are generally categorised into three types based on their functions:

Bells-only alarms – the most basic type of alarm which just make a loud noise.

Dialler alarms – these alarms will dial your phone, or that of nominated friends and family, when the alarm is triggered.

Smart alarms – modern alarms that alert you through a mobile app of any activations.

What is included in a burglar alarm system and how does it work?

  • A burglar alarm system usually consists of an external flashing sounder, a control panel, and multiple sensors. Some burglar alarms also feature flashlights, cameras, and smartphone apps.

  • When a break-in is detected, the sensors will send a signal to the control panel which will sound the alarm, flash the lights, and notify you via the app.

Why Choose Harpenden Alarms?

  • Harpenden Alarms are official dealers of RISCO security systems, the world leading brand of global security solutions. Unlike other brands on the market, RISCO security systems must be fitted by a qualified professional to ensure all sensors are correctly positioned and well-functioning.

  • All of our burglar alarms are fitted by highly experienced engineers and come with a 12-month warranty. We have expert solutions for all kinds of premises and budgets and will not be beaten on price. Give us a call today to find out more!