Three Places You Need to Secure in Your Home

Three Places You Need to Secure in Your Home

Securing your home can be a difficult task when there are many easy access points. It is important to identify these and know what precautions you can take to make your home safer for you and your family.


Burglars regularly target three main entry points to your home: the doors, the windows and the garage. On average, around 70% of burglars gain access through a door and around 30% of  burglars gain access via a window according to the 2017 CSEW (Click here to download the “Overview of burglary and other household theft: England and Wales” article)



To help secure these entry points to your home, we have provided a number of tips and advice below:


  1. Doors


  • Remember to lock them – We too often forget to lock the doors to our property or assume that our neighbourhood is safe enough to leave them unlocked.
  • Install access control panels – These eradicate the security issues of losing keys or having them stolen by using entry methods such ss codes or scanners.
  • Use smart locks – If you forget to lock the doors once you have left the house, you can lock them remotely.
  • Install motion sensor lights or CCTV – This can help to deter a burglar if they know that they can be seen.


  1. Windows


  • Remember to lock them – It is often easy to remember to lock the front door, but it is equally as easy to forget to shut and lock windows when leaving your home. Make sure that you keep your windows locked, especially windows on ground floors with easy access.
  • Install extra locks or key operated levers
  • Add window bars
  • Keep blinds and curtains shut – This will keep your valuables out of sight and make it more difficult for a potential burglar to know whether you are at home or not.


  1. Garage


  • Keep your garage shut and locked – If you are going back and forth between your house and garage with the door wide open, this gives potential burglars the opportunity to access your garage. It will also clearly show and advertise your garage’s contents. Even if the potential burglar does not attempt a break-in in daylight, they will be able to see if your garage is worth targeting based on the contents.
  • Use home automation – You’ll never leave the garage door open again.
  • Cover windows – Hide your garage’s contents from passers-by.
  • Lock any doors connecting your garage to your house


For further information on what you can do to keep your home secure, get in touch with a member of our team!