Three Unusual Ways to Keep Your Family Home Protected

Three Unusual Ways to Keep Your Family Home Protected

What do you think of when you think of home? A safe place for you and your family? A place full of memories and personal possessions? A break in can quickly change this homely feeling, and take away the comfort you have in your surroundings. So how do you keep your home safe? These three unusual tips will help you to keep your home protected.


Use Natural Deterrents Outside


When we think of home security, we often think about securing our house from the inside out, but let’s take a step back and think about an intruder’s journey to your home. Take your thinking outdoors…


Whilst a security alarm, motion sensor lights and CCTV are the best way of deterring intruders, the landscape of your garden can also make a huge impact on accessibility – eliminating opportunity. Consider planting thorny bushes under your windows or next to any low fences. Roses or juniper work well!


It’s also worth thinking about any tall trees that surround your house. Could these be used to access second-floor windows or balconies? Do they block the view of the house from the road?


Consider gravel and loose stone whenever possible, as these are noisy and hard to navigate while sneaking around – intruders tend to avoid them!


Use Simple Blocks for Sliding Windows or Doors


Though the most effective method of protecting your home is with modern technology and high-tech systems, many additional methods of safety are far from technical. Consider adding blocks or rods to any sliding doors or windows prevent them from sliding open from the outside, even when the lock is picked!


As these are easy to remove from the inside, they don’t present a safety risk in the event of a fire. Add a coat of paint to blend in with your window panels!

Put Security Features in Unexpected Places



Whilst it’s common to instal an alarm keypad close to the front door for convenience, it’s important to consider any nearby viewpoints from potential intruders. If someone has followed you into the driveway, could they see your keypad through the front door or windows?


Installing keypads a little further down the hall, out of sight from any windows or doors, can reduce the risk of burglars gaining precious information.


Avoiding hallway mirrors is also important, as this can provide a view of the layout of your house and help potential intruders to gain an understanding of the way around before they enter! You may also wish to consider having another keypad or panic button in the master bedroom, so that if a situation arises in the middle of the night, you can trigger the alarm quietly, without confrontation.


Additionally, the master bedroom tends to be the first place burglars look for valuables. If you can, place them elsewhere. Some great hiding places include in hollowed books, clocks, food tins or hidden safes (think behind picture frames, but less obvious!).


While it is not advised to use a portable safe for valuables, or to leave it in guest’s view, it’s a perfect decoy! Burglars are likely to grab it and go, thinking that they’ve found something valuable. They really don’t stick around for long.

On average, a burglar is likely to stay in your home for under 15 minutes from start to finish. The more complicated you can make their process, eliminating as much opportunity as possible, the safer your home will be.


By trying these three top tips, you’ll keep your home, belongings and your family safe!


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