Top 5 Advantages of Wireless Home Alarm Systems

28th May 2019

When it comes to choosing an alarm for your home, the options are vast. Selecting a system that’s both affordable and reliable can seem like a challenge. We’ve broken down the benefits of using a wireless home alarm to simplify your process and explain the uses of a smart home system.



Wireless home security devices can be much cheaper than conventional hardwired house alarms. Our burglar alarm systems provide a 12 months warranty which cannot be beaten on price.



Securing your home doesn’t need to be difficult – domestic burglar alarm systems are easy to use and can be tailor made to suit your needs by our professional advisers with a full demonstration provided during the installation.



Wireless home alarm systems can be easily adapted to include additional cameras, motion detectors and sensors. They are a popular choice when renting properties because they are easier to install and uninstall. The components of these wireless alarm systems are also easier to fix and replace in comparison to hardwired alarm systems.



Wireless security systems operate using WI-FI and cellular communications which allow your home security devices to stay connected during storms and power outages which could cause conventional house alarms to temporarily stop working. Wireless home alarms can also use batteries as either their main source of power or as a power backup if needed.



Wireless alarms allow you to control your security system even when you are miles away from home. Depending on what system you choose, it is possible to monitor activity on and around your property or arm and disarm your devices remotely using a home security smartphone app.


For more information on wireless alarms, or to learn more about the types of alarm available for your home, get in touch with a member of our team!