Why social media is putting your home security at risk

Why social media is putting your home security at risk


Have you ever thought that someone might be watching your whereabouts using your social media profile? With the rise of different social media platforms, it is becoming more and more common for us to share our everyday movements without considering the risks.


We would never tell a stranger exactly when our house is empty, but this is essentially what people do when they post-holiday photos onto Facebook or check-in to places on social media.

Studies have shown that 78% of burglars now identify their next target by using social media sites to find the location of certain homeowners at any given moment. This includes the location options and details that are provided on status updates. This can give burglars key clues on how far away from home you are and how long you will approximately be away from home.


Here are some top tips on how you can reduce this threat!


  1. Check-ins


Many social media platforms encourage you to tag the location of your post. Although this may be tempting to brag to your family and friends about your exciting tropical holiday… This isn’t usually a good idea as anyone could be viewing your profile and location which is an issue if they are casing your home…


  1. Holiday photos


So, you’re having a relaxing holiday without a worry in the world… The last thing you want to worry about is that your home is at risk! Those golden insta-worthy photos might seem tempting to post but wait until you return home and make it clear to your viewers that you are uploading them retrospectively.


  1. Keep your whereabouts to close friends



Not everyone needs to know your schedule! You might be excited about that weekend away or holiday you’ve been planning for months but there’s no need to announce this on social media. Instead, this will advertise to intruders that your home will be unoccupied during a specific period and this will give potential intruders the opportunity to plan a break-in in advance.


Whilst Harpenden Alarms can help protect your home with the safest home security protection systems, it’s up to you to be social media savy and ensure that you’re not advertising an empty home. For more information on how you can keep your home safe when you’re away, get in touch with a member of the Harpenden Alarms team!